Welcome to MsFIRE Mama

Welcome to MsFIRE Mama

MsFIRE Mama is meant to be the site where you can voice your real estate investing fears (or search for them) and find examples of others who went through a challenging REI-related ordeal and were still able to succeed. This will include things like choosing a property to buy, dealing with “professional” tenants, flipping mishaps, or navigating the real estate world COVID-19 style.

I recently read Never Split the Difference, a book about negotiating. There’s a part where it talks about where unspoken fears live in your brain but when you verbalize them, you can process them in the more logical part of your brain. I find writing things down just as therapeutic. Who wants to be a failure? I certainly don’t.

I hope this website will become a handbook for troubleshooting real estate investing issues, overcoming fears of investing, and how to work toward FIRE. This is meant to be the place where you can find solutions so you can continue moving toward success.

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