Read, Listen, Learn, Repeat

Read, Listen, Learn, Repeat

The journey to FIRE, real estate investing and making changes in general requires perpetual education and learning. I like to mix it up so that my mind is churning over a couple of topics, but not all of them need to be straight finance. The brain finds ways to make connections, come up with ideas and recharge itself through both obvious and mysterious paths.


The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller is not just for aspiring or current real estate agents. It’s full of nuggets for being more productive, best business practices and focusing on goals. So far, every chapter has been something I’ve needed to hear whether for my personal business, my current job or life inspiration. 

Daily Inspiration

Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder, two Shonda Rhimes shows, are my guilty pleasures when it comes to bingeing television episodes/numbing my mind. I’m a member of CREW Denver (Commercial Real Estate Women) and when I saw Shonda’s Year of Yes listed as February’s book club selection, I decided to get a copy. Shonda decided to commit to saying “yes” to things that scared her for a whole year including public speaking, losing weight and embracing the challenges and joys of being an ambitious career woman and a mother (she has three girls). She speaks directly to motherhood, but I think her ideas and thoughts about what an ideal mom, though you could just say “parent,” looks like speak directly to breaking down the culture of having it all together and correct. Spoiler alert: being a good parent is doing the best that you’re able, with the time, resources and values that you have. 

While Shonda’s fears differ from mine, there are plenty of parallels to my own life that make this relevant to me. Her rumination about perspective and perception are interesting as she talks about the challenges of celebrating success without looking conceited or narcissistic to others. Also, if you need a nudge to take your first step toward real estate investing, this book is good fodder for encouragement. 

In the Queue

The two books in my queue are Inventing Bitcoin and Cashflow for Creators. Stay tuned for a future article on Bitcoin. I’ll let you know if there’s anything worth reading in the latter title.


It’s a fairly commonplace for one podcast to lead me to another to lead me to another. The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie came to me from another blogging expert. I’m listening to different blog resources for obvious reasons — to grow my knowledge to create a better, more effective blog and resource for you. Some of this is pretty dry and not inspiring, but that’s just how some information is, even if it is educational. It took me way too long to figure out how to set up Google Analytics for this website, but I’m thankful that I did it (and for Chad who actually figured it out), so I can see what you like, don’t and what I need to do more content about.

Leaving my queue

Fairer Cents came across my world from a recommendation from another women’s group I’m a part of. Tanja Hester, one of the co-hosts, has achieved FIRE through common methods (accumulating wealth, retirement plans and real estate/passive income)  while the other host, Kara Perez, is working on her path to FIRE but mostly becoming debt-free. She seems to be doing that by working a lot. Kara does not have a traditional 9 to 5 and calls her several jobs (catering, freelancing, coaching youth sports and her nonprofit role) side hustles. Her company Bravely, coaches people in achieving FIRE and paying down debt, mostly by, well, working. I appreciate the diversity of thought and approach, but I wouldn’t waste your time on this one. I can’t get on board with what they’re selling for the most part, but also because I can’t listen to someone who believes she’s owed a raise after working a job only nine months.  

In the queue

I have a couple of podcasts that I track so if an interesting episode comes ups, I’ll download it and listen. The James Altucher Show has weekly features on various side hustles that I use for tips and inspiration. Screw the Nine to Five provides some mindset tips and revelations regarding FIRE. Lastly, I have been sporadically listening to Smart Money Mamas, a podcast related to motherhood, and building the life you want through financial freedom. It’s taught me a lot about finance, motherhood, family planning (what to put in a will or trust, life insurance), ways to raise financially smart kids, and I enjoy the online community that is built around this podcast.

Brain Candy (aka TV)

I have never been big on television and while Chad watches a lot of interesting finance stuff on YouTube, I don’t use TV much for education. We are watching The Sopranos for a second time. As a native New Yorker and third generation Italian, the food, “Italianisms,” and scenes in New York make me feel like I’m spending a little time on the East Coast again, albeit it does make me homesick. I have an unhealthy list of things I want to eat when it’s safer to travel and I’m closer to sea level.

If you do want some real estate-related recommendations, I have enjoyed Graham Stephan’s YouTube channel, along with another called Meet Kevin






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