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Dealing with the Weeks that Suck

Dealing with the Weeks that Suck

Age, income levels, family status, personal sacrifice and many other factors all play a role in the speed in which you “achieve” financial freedom. The path to FI is individualized and different for each person on his or her journey.

Every week is different. Some weeks are awesome. Some are just ok. Others just suck.

Did you reach out to a real estate agent this week to look into investing? Did you network? Are you on track to meet your budget goals for this month? Are you killing it this week or can’t seem to hit the ground running? 

If you are just starting out your real estate investing journey or working on financial independence, you probably still work a full-time job. You may have a family or other obligations that take time away from fulfilling certain goals. You are likely doing a lot of important things that take up time. 

Sometimes you may feel snowed in with all the to-dos, like my back porch during this weekend’s snowstorm.

Having to “make time” is a real thing. If you want to achieve something, you need to set aside part of your day to work on it or make it happen. You also have to acknowledge reality and what’s reasonably achievable for you. Maybe 30 minutes, twice a week is all you can muster. Or maybe one hour a night, three days a week, fits well. Make a commitment and stick to it, the best you can. 

This week has been a tough one for me. I did not win this week in terms of getting the things I wanted done. The main things were: get a blog post queued up, do a yoga workout one or twice during the week and get through one or two blocks of the free Bitcoin course I’m taking. The only thing I did this week was those two yoga workouts. 

However, this week, I am honoring those times when despite your discipline, things do not happen the way you planned. I work a 50- to 60-hour week as a construction manager. I’m also almost 20 weeks pregnant (the halfway point) and some weeks of growing a tiny human are more tiring than others. Am I disappointed in myself? Yes. However, I am not going to beat myself up over it. I’m just going to do better next week. 

Life is a perpetual ebb and flow with highs and lows. It shouldn’t bring you down. It should just be a reminder to be kind to yourself and know that every step forward, no matter how big or small, is a step forward.

What gets you reinvigorated when life takes over and things don’t go as you planned with your REI or FI goals? Leave a message below or email [email protected].

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