Slow Sale in a Hot Market

The real estate market is going crazy everywhere these days. With appreciation in the double digits and interest rates plunging, we decided to sell one of our single family homes. Instead of selling in the first week, it took double the market average to receive an offer that would lead to the final sale.

The Mama in MsFIRE Mama

The title of this blog is MsFIRE Mama. It’s deliberate. When I first started fantasizing about what my life would look like financially free, the focus was on travel. When I became a mother, a lot of things came to the surface that I expected, and then some that I didn’t. I expected to struggle with work-life balance and I didn’t expect that figuring out what kind of mom I wanted to be would be difficult to pinpoint.

Read, Listen, Learn, Repeat

The journey to FIRE, real estate investing and making changes in general requires perpetual education and learning. The brain finds ways to make connections, come up with ideas and recharge itself through both obvious and mysterious paths.